Getting Creative: Tips from a Professional Illustrator

We all have creative aspirations and getting inspired to turn those into tangible assets can be a challenge. In this digital age, professionals in the creative industry, such as illustrators, can speak to our soul. They have unique perspectives on how to bring projects and artwork to life. Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with a prominent professional illustrator who specializes in digital art, sketching, and character designs. Based upon our conversation here are some tips from a professional illustrator that you can use when looking to get creative.

Understand Your Platforms and Tools

Before beginning any project or artwork it’s important that you are familiar and comfortable with your tools of choice. That could include understanding the various types of software programs, the applicability of hand-sketching techniques, or even concepts related to mixed media artworks. Take the time to research all of your options so that you understand their features and uses in order to best advanced your project.

When choosing platforms and tools there are also different levels available depending on complexity or cost. You might buy basic options initially just to learn or practice before considering more expensive one-time purchases like specialized software programs, for example. This is especially helpful for budget conscious artists who breaks down cost variables over time vs. experiencing sticker shock all at once. Ultimately use whatever tools fit best within your workflow and that allow you to execute tasks effectively with as much flexibility as possible..

Set Goals & When To Change Direction

Creativity is an ongoing journey so know your end goal before beginning any project​ and adjust accordingly when needed due changes in external factors like clients, deadlines or budgets​ . Don’t be afraid to take risks but also remain mindful of those resources ​limits (time/money). Sticking with what works may save resources but having an open mind is also important especially if you’ve gained knowledge about a certain concept during research process​ that adds potential value for the future​ if implemented into a campaign or venture​ long-term​ . Ultimately once goals have been established always look for opportunities for improvements beyond expected results because small iterative changes could result in big collective differences over time .

Work With What Inspires You

It’s important ensure that what you’re working on inspires both yourself while also resonates with intended audiences because successful artwork should be enjoyable and stand out from competition naturally (without force)​ . Constantly search out inspiration whether it comes from locations in real life such as attending conventions locally or researching more modern design trends online etc.. Looking at different type of art styles may help inspire creating something entirely new while still being relateable which draws people in creating deeper desired connections through art.. Never stop exploring!!

Take Time For Self Care & Reflect

Last but not least – it’s essential taking care of yourself physically/mentally while chasing achieving creative goals because creatives tend be seem susceptible letting stress overwhelm them leading hitting walls so learning how manage workload honestly without excessive overload important success long-term.. It’s great cramming for projects only trying not burnout too quickly . Create when feel energized able make decisions remain productive times fatigue sets & take opportunities step back reflect lift mood recharge constructive energies which help keep inspired excited throughout coursework .


Creative ambition comes from many sources including imagination, dedication, reflection and self-care among others. The professional tips above offered by an experienced illustrator should help guide aspiring creators around potential roadblocks providing meaningful experiences without compromising individual visions unique artwork regardless platform chosen develop them shortly after .. Ideas come go constantly evolving complex yet rewarding process so don’t give up lets create art ‼