An Interview with Alejandro: Madrid Based Illustrator and Art Director

Alejandro is an illustrator and art director based in Madrid, Spain. He has worked on projects for a number of clients, including Anonymous Collective, a fashion label that produces eco-friendly apparel and accessories. We recently sat down with him to chat about his work, his inspiration and his plans for the future.

When asked how he got into illustration, Alejandro said it all started with a love of drawing when he was very young. “As a kid, I was always doodling and creating my own cartoons. From there it just naturally transitioned into me studying creative subjects like graphic design and illustration at college.” After college, he went on to pursue freelance cartooning as a side job until he eventually landed his first full-time position as an illustrator with Anonymous Collective in 2015.

We wanted to know more about Alejandro’s creative process when it comes to projects – specifically here at Anonymous Collective where he is responsible for the art direction on most of the collections. “Every project starts off differently depending on the goals for the collection,” said Alejandro. “Sometimes we’ll draw up sketchbook pages together during a brainstorm session to come up with ideas before we commit to any final designs.” Once they have an idea they usually stick with it until they come up with a few more sketches as part of the initial concepts phase before translating those into digital artwork by tracing them onto 2D animations or into vectors for web ads or other materials.

Curious about where he draws inspiration from, Alejandro cites comic books as one of his biggest influences growing up. He’s also been inspired by street art as well as music and pop culture references throughout the years which often finds its way into his artwork conceptually speaking. As far as what motivates him, Alejandro finds himself directly influenced by whatever state of mind he’s in while working which usually consists of anything from small scale illustrations to large scale video maps or entire campaigns that span out across multiple platforms and countries at once – that kind of uncertainty can really motivate him creatively along with enjoying the work itself no matter what goes wrong or right along the way during production cycles!

Finally, when asked what advice he would give fellow creatives struggling to find their direction in life Alejandro has this to say: “My advice is simple but important – stay persistent! It can feel like you hit brick walls time and time again but don’t let that discourage you because perseverance pays off; keep working hard and finding ways to further yourself whether it be through self-promotion or networking which will ultimately bring success if done properly.”

When it comes down to it, Alejandro lives by these words every day both professionally and personally guaranteeing nothing but hours upon hours devoted towards his craft no matter what challenges may rear their heads during any given project cycle – seeing him strive daily towards becoming better is something that we at Anonymous Collective definitely appreciate!